2014 The Year Where I’ll Do Everything

There are so many things I want to do with my life. Depending on the day if you ask me, “What would you like to do with your life?” I might provide you with a different answer. Last month I decided to stop waiting on the perfect conditions to make things happen with my life. I started by selling my natural products and developing my own brand Devine Organics  and of course this journey isn’t easy. I’m putting myself out there, I’m trying to figure out who I want to be, and what stories I want to share.

I’ve also decided to continue writing but I’ll also start sharing my stories on this blog. I want this blog to include more if my life. I want to share more not just health or natural beauty. I’m not sure which day of the week it will be but I’m going to start weekly creative writing posts. It could be a story or a writing exercise I’m using and want to share.

There’s so much to do and I can’t wait anymore.


Prompt Challenge

If anyone cares to join…
I found this writing prompt through a google search. This site generates prompts for you. I thought it would be fun to put it up we can all write our own versions. So a week from today I’ll put up my version if you decide to participate you can comment the link to the story below or email me @ LifewithDemetra@gmail your story if you want it to be on the site.

Prompt: This story is set during a party. The story takes place mid-fall. During the story a relative shows up.

Got it? Good. I changed my mind let’s make it two weeks and I’ll pick a story or two to go on the site.

The smile

English: Stick figure with eyes and smile

English: Stick figure with eyes and smile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was written yesterday. I found a prompt that said “The most beautiful smile,” and I went from there.  Let me know what you think.

The most beautiful smile I ever saw belonged to a cancer. A tall drink of water. He stood 6′ 3″ with the big olive green eyes, dark brown hair cut short, and a slim build. I saw the smile first it just lit up his face. I wasn’t too concerned with him before that smile, that smile was for me. It was the smile of man happy to see his wife after a long day at work, the smile of someone so happy to see you it lights up their face.

I know I returned the smile because I could feel the heat from cheeks as they came to rest under my eyes. I knew my smile was big more like a grin. I couldn’t help but return the smile. As I got closer to him I recognition hit.

“Hey!” I said a little out of breath from my brisk pace.

“Hi,” He said back in a cooler tone.

Where did I know him from? Did he recognize me too? Why was he so calm? He must’ve forgotten who I was maybe he was just saying “hi” to be nice. I continue my walk and my phone conversation half listening as I rack my brain trying to figure out who he is and when we met.

Then it hit me. I listened to my friend ramble on about all the fun we were going to have that night. She had no idea that I had already ditched our night in my head. I had made plans in case she flaked on my again and my mind had finally got things straight. I knew where that smile was from and it was for me. We had unfinished business. We were destined to meet again.

Meet Marie

So I was asked by one of the sweetest people from my days at the Academy of Natural Science to be a guest on her blog. Thank you Demetra and what an honor it is to be here. We go back a long way, Demetra and I. She was part of the WINS Program with the Academy and I was the Changing Exhibit Hall Manager, overseeing the staff, volunteers and WINS girls in the exhibit and for the Diorama Touch Carts. I was also the Birthday Party Coordinator for the museum. Demetra worked in all three areas with me until my retirement and she was amazing.
As much as I loved the Academy and all the people and visitors, it was time to retire and do what I always wanted to do but never had time, write. I love writing about the paranormal world, especially zombies, ghosts and other scary things that go bump into the night. I have a blog and besides writing about the adventures that my nine grandchildren involve me in, I also write about my participation with Steampunk events, Ghost Hunting, and the Zombie Squad. Check it out Gilbert Curiosities!
Two wonderful things happened this past year. The first was being asked by Andy Burns, Editor-In-Chief to write the weekly reviews of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” for the multimedia Website Biff Bam Pop!
If you go to the site and click on my name you can read all my posts on Biff Bam Pop!
The second great thing was that the group that I belong to, The South Jersey Writers Group published a short story anthology called Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey. Along with Amy Hollinger, I am a co-editor and marketing person for the book. I also have two stories included, one zombie and one funny true tale about online virtual dependents. Right now, I’m doing a final editing of book one a trilogy called Beware the Harvesters and hopefully, I’ll have it in the hands of a publishing company within the month. This book is a combination of the paranormal and sci-fi. It’s definitely not for young readers as there are sexual scenes. I also have a two part zombie tale (Roof Oasis) in the hands of a publisher and I’m waiting for their reply.
I belong to a writer’s group called the South Jersey Writers Group and the members of this group are not only talented, but also supportive of everyone in the group. The suggestion to join this group was the best advice my granddaughter Katrina Janco, who is also a writer and a member gave to me.
There is lots going on with my writing and I’ll keep Demetra updated on what’s happening. Thank you for having me as a guest, Demetra.

Guest Blogger

I’m working on expanding my blog and reaching new viewers so I decided to reach out to other bloggers. I’m looking for anyone interested in submitting a post for my blog. The topic can be about your health experiences good and bad, your hair journey (natural, relaxed, or dyed), any experience as a writer or a blogger you want to share, or anything related to a previous post.

If you are interested in guest blogging for me please email me LifeWithDemetra@Gmail.com



Book Fears.

I’m not sure where exactly to start with my book. I don’t know anything about anything. I feel like I used to in elementary school when my mom would buy me a new book to write in. I would just stare at the page wondering how I’m going to fill it. Now there’s Microsoft Word and the dreaded page and word count. How many pages am I writing? Who are these people? What is my target audience. My biggest fear is that I’ll spend all this time on a book and I’ll have no audience or worse one person will read it and hate it. I write because it makes me feel better but will someone else read it and love it or read it and hate it? People can be so mean especially when they don’t know you. Wish me luck anyway I’m starting my book and I was hoping for a word or two of encouragement.

Short Story Update!

To all that enjoy my stories. I know there’s so many of you don’t like or comment all at once. I do ask that you comment below one thing you like about my stories or other posts and one thing you do not like. I want to become a better writer/blogger and I need you all.

How do you start a great story with no motivation?

I have never been able to consistently write when I’m in a good mood. When I was in middle school I could write everyday because I was so “sad” and most of the things I wrote about then are so trivial now. I have at least six beginnings to stories but no middle and no end. I want to start working on a book or a collection of short stories. I can’t do that with no material but I can’t have new material with no motivation. I love when I finish stories but it is so freaking hard to get started. Sheesh! I’m always worried about it being so much like something else that I kill every idea I have before I even put pen to paper. I’ve come up with an idea for writers block. I’m pretty sure it’s not new and I’m not claiming rights.

1. If you have a writer friend get them involved, it’s much easier to go at this with a partner.

2. Start working on something, anything today.

3. Pick a day where you submit your work to each other and also you have to agree upon a minimum or maximum length.

4. Do this every week until you have your poem, story, or book.

If this helps let me know. I’ll be doing the same thing starting today. I have a writer friend named Katie and our reign of zero motivation has come to an end.