Oily October Starts Now

First day of school hair

All month long Oily October Challenge will be going on. I’ve teamed with Lauren of UntouchMyHair to bring this to you. Enter this week by commenting on this post or tagging your pics (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr) #LWD and #UTMH.

To enter you have to tag your starting pictures (your current length) this is not a contest to see who grows the most hair. We want all that enter to be active.


Oily October Challenge

I need some motivation. It’s Autumn the air is cool and the meals are warm. I have not been the best when it comes to drinking water, eating right, and even keeping up with my hair. The semester has so busy I forget to eat, I barely sleep, and my poor hair is suffering.

So I decided to come up with a way to make sure I keep my beautiful hair moisturized as the weather tries to dry it out.

It’ll be pretty easy. For the month of October you must follow the rules below.

1. Pick your two favorite oils. You must use the oils at least three times a week (Deep conditioner, hot oil treatment, sealing in moisture) in any way. Here’s a video on the oil mix that I use Hair and Body Oil Mix. I also add essential oils and coconut oil to mine.

Here’s my hair journey up to my BC last year. Hair Journey

The shrinkage is real my hair is past my shoulders.

The shrinkage is real my hair is past my shoulders. (2012)

First twistout after my BC (2011)

First twistout after my BC (2011)

2. You must drink at LEAST 1 liter of water daily (nonnegotiable and no cheating)

3. At least one protective style a week.

To show your progress please use #LWD and #UTMH on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

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A “Stroke” of Stupidity

This is an opinion piece written by a friend of mine.

A “Stroke” of Stupidity

By: Moe P. Hodge

I’ve been having this thought, opinion in my mind, from recent conversations and interactions I have been having with my peers. I’m not trying to be holier than someone, I’m just seeing it from my own viewpoints

I just feel as though, with our generation today, the idea or the need of sex is held over many a person’s head, or very prioritized over many other qualities and traits, and that it’s kind of wrong/weird.

I’ve seen people contemplate, if not stay into relations with cheaters and those of abusive tendencies due to good ‘relations’. I’ve seen people basically become living sex toys for the sake of good ‘relations’. I’ve seen people put themselves in precarious situations all for a shot at relations, and it’s…meh, I don’t know

You can never really win either with being judged as well, whether or not you “get it in”. There never seems to be a right number to be agreed upon, in terms of lack of judgement. If you’ve never gotten it in, you’re critiqued for being square, or being undesirable, and ostracized for that perceived fault. If you’ve even done it once, let alone have had many a partner, it can always be reasoned (potentially faulty logic and all) that one could be considered the infamous, deadly H-word.

Another thing I’ve noticed in my time, is that the idea/use of Celibacy isn’t really used for Celibacy’s sake in our age/day. It almost seems as if Celibacy is code word for many different things, but the actual term for celibacy.

“I’ve been fucking so much, I need to take a break, until I’m not tired anymore”

“Damn, I got played out after getting into relations, let me take a break, until I fall in ‘love’ again”

“Damn, I don’t want to find a new joint to get down with, let me take a break, and if I happen to stumble into love, it’s done”

…What happened to the living outside the flesh part of the thing!? The spiritual aspect of things!?

Who am I to tell someone how to live their life? I’m not trying to shade the masses, lord knows I’ve done some of these things I’m writing about. Different strokes for different folks, get it how you fit in (no pun intended, if any was in there). It just seems as though it is overvalued to the point of becoming a negative in the minds of today.

If you have not dealt with problems such as these, more power to to you, stroke away/let your pum pum turn up (or whatever these young kids call it nowadays). Either way, I do thank you for reading my second attempt at a blog article, and remember…

(Insert Sex Pun here)

Thank you

How to contact the author;

Email: MomoluDHodge@gmail.com



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