Untitled Story (Prompt Challenge)

Prompt: The story is set during a party. The story takes place mid – fall. During the story a relative shows up.

Story is incomplete I wanted to know what your opinions.

If this girl bumps into me one more time I’m going to bump my fist with her face. I know space is limited in here but she doesn’t have to keep bumping into me as she grinds with a boy that’s more hair than body. I’m not even sure he has a face underneath the brown frizzy mess or if that’s a boy. She obviously has had too much to drink her tight pink tank is rising on her flat stomach as her skirt rises on her thin legs and she continues to dance with the boy as if no one is around but the house is full of people.

I look down at my own full cup and cringe. I hate the look, smell, and taste of beer but I want to have a good time for once at one of these things. I close my eyes, plug my nose with my left hand and chug my cup. I gag at first and almost spit it back into the cup but I’m committed to the cause and I finish my cup. Just as I sit my empty red cup on the mantle, my slow grinding neighbor has bumped me again and as promised to myself I punch her right into the face before I walk away in search of the keg.

The crowded living room parts as I make my way to the dining room. Of course everyone just saw me punch the girl but no one saw her bumping me. Great. I really didn’t want to come here and be noticed I just wanted to blend in for once. I wanted to enjoy myself.

“Kaden!” I turn in the direction I hear my name coming from. I see Mark my brother, turn around, and contine walking.

“Kaden!” Mark calls again. He’s closer this time I try to quicken my pace even though I know he’ll catch up.

“Kaden,” he says again as he grabs my arm, I stop walking and face him.

“Yes. Mark.” I don’t want my plans for the night to be ruined by anyone.

“Why are you here? Better yet why are you here and punching random people in the face?” He asks.

Mark is such a big brother even though he has five minutes on me he just has to treat me like a child.

“I’m here because I was invited. She had the punch coming.” I reply.

He looks as if I was speaking Greek.

“I don’t understand. Why would you come to a frat party you never party.” If I wasn’t so annoyed I would have to laugh at the look on his face. Mark and I aren’t exactly close. I think it’s partly because we’re polar opposites. I’m not exactly the party type or the type to throw punches.

“Is this about the other day?” He asks concerned.

“NO! Everything isn’t always about you. Where’s the keg?” I ask him. He has to know this is his party after all.

“You’re drinking?” He asks incredulous. He drops his head and points. “In the kitchen straight back there.” He points.

He lets me go and I start walking towards the back. I notice that instead of staying where he was he falls in step beside me. I guess he doesn’t believe me.

“Get lost.” I say.

“No.” He says with a smile.

He’s such a jerk. I don’t need a babysitter but I shouldn’t be so quick to blow him off.

“Fine.” I say.

As we’re walking towards the kitchen I notice the stares. People always stare when I’m with Mark. They always wonder how he can be him and I’m me but we’re twins. Fraternal but we look exactly alike. Same dark brown eyes, same thick curly hair and same smile. I use mine less often than he does. He has a whole foot on me at 6′ 4″ but everyone knows when they see us that we’re related.

“Hi Mark!” A girl screamed at him.

My brother just smiled and waved at the poor girl not missing a step.

“Who was that?” I asked.

“I’m not sure. I think she’s in one of my classes.” He replies.

I shake my head. I hope he’s not one of those guys that has sex with women but can’t remember their names. Mark may  be popular but I doubt he’s that sleazy. I don’t really know him anymore.

“I hope you’re not a sleaze ball.” I say.

“How can you say such things about your big brother?” He asks mock hurt on his face with one hand on his chest.

“Five minutes hardly makes you a big brother.” I retort.

He’s laughing and I’m back to me. I should just cut my losses and leave I don’t know what I set out to accomplish this evening but I’m not sure drinking and partying will be the way to go.

“I’m leaving.” I say to Mark as we reach the kitchen packed full of drunk college students.

“Why?” He asks grabbing two cups.

“I’m just not feeling it anymore. This isn’t my scene.” I say.

“Well you should stay and hang out with me. I’ve barely seen you since the semester started.” He says.

Should I stay here at this party or to my dorm room to homework and books?

“Hey Mark! Kaden!” My hearts flutters as I hear my name come from the mouth of Nick Drew.

“I’ll stay.” I say to Mark. “Hi Nick!”

My plans for the night might not be ruined after all. I just wanted to have one conversation with Nick outside of Calculus. When he invited me to Mark’s party I saw the perfect opputunity to talk him but now I have to ditch Mark.


Tropical Traditions Hemp Protein Review

Tropical Traditions Hemp Protein Powder

Tropical Traditions Hemp Protein Powder

I decided to give hemp protein a try to increase my protein intake. I’ve been trying to drink a green smoothie for breakfast every day and when I received the hemp protein I started adding it to my morning smoothies. I was not a fan, at first. The suggested serving is 4 tablespoons and of course that’s what I started with. I have never used protein powder before and I was not used to the taste or the texture (it was a bit gritty). The next time I used the hemp protein I used 1 tablespoon and I was happy to finish my smoothie without the gritty texture (it could also be that I switched blenders). It doesn’t really have a taste so adding it to your smoothies won’t change its flavor. I add hemp protein to my smoothies because of its health benefits. Tropical Traditions is a brand I trust and that’s why I am recommending their hemp protein.

Health Benefits of Tropical Traditions Hemp Protein:
* Contains 18 key amino acids, including 9 amino acids our bodies cannot produce.
*65% of protein in hemp seeds is made of edestin which is only found in hemp seeds.
*Complete protein, easy to digest, and great source of protein for vegetarians and vegans.
*Contains omega-3 and omega-6 in an optimal 3:1 ratio.
*Eating these fatty acids in an optimal ratio reduces risks for heart attack, cardiovascular problems, atherosclerosis, and certain types of cancer.
*Hemp seeds are a good source of vitamin e, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and zinc.

Please give it a try. Add a scoop to your morning smoothie or any recipe that calls for protein powder.

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Tropical Traditions: The Best Place to get Virgin Coconut Oil.

How to Use Coconut Oil: There are hundreds of uses!

Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.

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Updates and Giveaways !!!

Untouch My Hair

Untouch My Hair

This post is just an update of my goals for the site, upcoming giveaways, and a new partnership.

It might seem like my posts are all over the place but that’s not the case. When I first started blogging it wasn’t just one topic I wanted to cover. I wanted to document my journey through life (hair and health), share my stories with an audience, and let others do the same. In the beginning it seemed as if I was all about hair or all about health but I really want the site to be more than a hair site or a fitness site and in time I’m hoping you all will see.

Reminder the prompt challenge ends June 25th. Please email your submission to LifeWithDemetra@gmail.com and I’ll be posting some on the site.

I’m excited to announce that I will be writing and partnering with a natural hair site UntouchMyHair. My BC story is on their site and I’m really excited about the partnership look for a giveaway (or three) really soon. Please go on the site if you want to learn more and of course I’ll be writing for them and sharing with on this site.

Speaking of giveaways I have some very special giveaways coming up very soon :). I won’t say what they are but I will say this there’s another Tropical Traditions giveaway and there will be two butter giveaways. Stay tuned, subscribe, and keep up with us so you don’t miss out. If you know of some natural hair lines I should try please comment them below or send me an email I’m actively looking for new lines.

Lastly (I know you’re sick of reading) I’ll be doing a smoothie cleanse soon. I’ve posted many different Green Smoothie recipes but you can never have enough. I’ll be posting the recipes and I can’t promise daily updates but I will try. Join me if you can. Here’s a site I found that has 25 different detox smoothie recipes.

Prompt Challenge

If anyone cares to join…
I found this writing prompt through a google search. This site generates prompts for you. I thought it would be fun to put it up we can all write our own versions. So a week from today I’ll put up my version if you decide to participate you can comment the link to the story below or email me @ LifewithDemetra@gmail your story if you want it to be on the site.

Prompt: This story is set during a party. The story takes place mid-fall. During the story a relative shows up.

Got it? Good. I changed my mind let’s make it two weeks and I’ll pick a story or two to go on the site.

Chocolate -Peanut Butter “frappucino”

Chocolate frappucino
As promised earlier here is the chocolate frappucino recipe. Soo spoons good. I’m trying flaxseed for the first time and I figured why not make a smoothie drink only I added a little too much ice but it worked out.


Chocolate – Peanut Butter “frappucino”

1 cup of vanilla almond milk
Ice (I used to much so the amount is really up to you. Next time I’m using 1 handful.)
2 table spoons of flaxseed (I have the course ground from whole foods)
2 table spoons of honey roasted peanut butter
1 teaspoon of cocoa powder
1/2 a frozen banana
Vanilla extract and cinnamon to taste
It was so yummy even with the extra ice. I let it melt a little and put it back in the blender and it was perfect less like a water ice and more like a drink.

Are you enjoying my recipes? Anything you wish to see? Let me know below. Thank you 🙂

Triple Butter Hair and Body mix

Triple butter mix for hair and body
I did not use exact measurements because I really only do that for my science classes for everything else I just eye ball it.
I used mango, shea, and cocoa butter. I didn’t use my cocoa butter only about 5 little disks of it.


Triple butter mix

About a cup of mango butter
1/2 cup of shea butter
2 table spoons of cocoa butter
1 teaspoon of vitamin e oil, rosehip oil, sweet almond oil, and avocado oil.
Add olive oil and coconut oil as you mix or blend until creamy and smooth.

I uses my new blender to make it as smooth as it is. I cannot wait to try this in my hair. My skin already loves it. Please feel free to try this for yourself you can use whatever oils and butters work for you. Let me know how it works out.

Later today I’ll be posting a chocolate frappucino recipe with flaxseed and peanut butter yum.

Green Vanilla Chai Smoothie


I love my veggies the more I eat the better I feel. My 2 weeks vegetarian challenge has changed me forever. I have since eaten meat and my body hates it. I’m limited to seafood and sometimes poutry. I encourage you to try it. After this I’m definitely more creative in the kitchen. I have a smoothie every morning before work. I’ve been making different variations of the vanilla because I have yet to make it to the market for more fruits and veggies. I made this smoothie earlier. I want to post more recipes but I’m afraid you guys will judge me lol.

Green Vanilla Chai Smoothie

2 cups of vanilla almond milk (any milk will do)
1 handful of spinach (any leafy green will work)
1 1/2 frozen bananas
1 scoop of ice ( optional)
2 shakes of cinnamon
2 shakes of ground cloves
2 shakes of ground ginger
1 tsp of almond extract
1 tsp of vanilla extract
honey (optional)

Try it and let me know if you like it as much as I do.

A “Stroke” of Stupidity

This is an opinion piece written by a friend of mine.

A “Stroke” of Stupidity

By: Moe P. Hodge

I’ve been having this thought, opinion in my mind, from recent conversations and interactions I have been having with my peers. I’m not trying to be holier than someone, I’m just seeing it from my own viewpoints

I just feel as though, with our generation today, the idea or the need of sex is held over many a person’s head, or very prioritized over many other qualities and traits, and that it’s kind of wrong/weird.

I’ve seen people contemplate, if not stay into relations with cheaters and those of abusive tendencies due to good ‘relations’. I’ve seen people basically become living sex toys for the sake of good ‘relations’. I’ve seen people put themselves in precarious situations all for a shot at relations, and it’s…meh, I don’t know

You can never really win either with being judged as well, whether or not you “get it in”. There never seems to be a right number to be agreed upon, in terms of lack of judgement. If you’ve never gotten it in, you’re critiqued for being square, or being undesirable, and ostracized for that perceived fault. If you’ve even done it once, let alone have had many a partner, it can always be reasoned (potentially faulty logic and all) that one could be considered the infamous, deadly H-word.

Another thing I’ve noticed in my time, is that the idea/use of Celibacy isn’t really used for Celibacy’s sake in our age/day. It almost seems as if Celibacy is code word for many different things, but the actual term for celibacy.

“I’ve been fucking so much, I need to take a break, until I’m not tired anymore”

“Damn, I got played out after getting into relations, let me take a break, until I fall in ‘love’ again”

“Damn, I don’t want to find a new joint to get down with, let me take a break, and if I happen to stumble into love, it’s done”

…What happened to the living outside the flesh part of the thing!? The spiritual aspect of things!?

Who am I to tell someone how to live their life? I’m not trying to shade the masses, lord knows I’ve done some of these things I’m writing about. Different strokes for different folks, get it how you fit in (no pun intended, if any was in there). It just seems as though it is overvalued to the point of becoming a negative in the minds of today.

If you have not dealt with problems such as these, more power to to you, stroke away/let your pum pum turn up (or whatever these young kids call it nowadays). Either way, I do thank you for reading my second attempt at a blog article, and remember…

(Insert Sex Pun here)

Thank you

How to contact the author;

Email: MomoluDHodge@gmail.com