Wash Me Curly

By: Demetra De’Vine Davis
I’m not sure why I decided to get my hair straightened but I did. Now after over a year of being heat free I broke my streak. I was happy with the results but not the process. I realize that I am not longer a fan of heat. It doesn’t last long and it causes more harm then good.
After about a week of my hair limitations I had to wash my hair it was driving me crazy. I couldn’t wet my hair or add my products. My hair would not stay in my goddess twists (my favorite style). I turned to a wash and go for my curly hair fix. I’m really getting the hang of those.
As a new natural I am still experimenting to find the perfect regimen. Before cutting my relaxed ends and fully embracing the journey I was starting, I would use heat at least once a week. Now I’d rather have my curls. Wash me curly was something I repeated to myself as I suffered through my week with straight hair. I was going through curly hair withdrawal. I have grown an appreciation for my hair. It hasn’t been a year since I chopped off my relaxed ends and I’m only a couple inches away from my goal of  bra strap length. I promise to document my styles since I’ve gotten more comfortable with my hair.

Coming soon…mini twists.


Straight hair


Curly hair (wash and go)



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