New Year Updates!


I have news and upcoming updates for the people that care. If anyone is interested in how the “Sassy Water” is going sorry but I can’t start that until next week. I ordered a water filter and it never came so tonight I ordered another one because next week I have a lot to prepare for. On January 14th I am going….Blonde? No. Redhead? No. I am going VEGETARIAN for two weeks. I’m cutting all meat out of my life for a little while because my eating habits have gotten out of control and in order to gain some control I’m putting limits on what I can and can’t eat. Plus I’ve been feeling so sluggish lately I think I need a lighter diet for a little while. Please send all Green Smoothie and any vegetarian recipes. I am so excited to do this. I’ll try and keep track of everyday and post my progress. One of my 2013 goals is to post more progress on here. Also next week I will be resuming my Hairfinity vitamins for those of you who have never heard of them. They are hair multivitamins that aid in hair growth and health. I will make a post for them when they arrive. Ahhh! Lastly I put my hair up in Senegalese twists for a while and I might have fun with them and do some styles and post them. How is your new year beginning? Is anyone as excited as I am? Also I will have to postpone making the lip balm and lipstick until the end of the month so I can order everything. All bundled up Up and Sophisticated



  1. I know this is way late to reply to, but i have been doing smoothies and healthier eating the last three months….for a smoothie i always add about 2 cup of (baby spinach) to which ever smoothie i’m craving…my favorite is banana with peanut butter and maybe i will add frozen blueberries to it. The spinach seems to give me an energy boost, which being a young mom of two is very much needed. I’m happy to have discovered your blog! I’m trying to go towards more natural product and wean myself of all of those harsh chemical products.

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