Sassy Water?

Yes you read the title right “Sassy Water.” Now I know you’re thinking to yourself “What the *bleep* is sassy water or how can water be sassy?” Well I’ll tell you Sassy Water is this cleanse that I am starting next week. If you have lemons, cucumbers, mint leaves and water you have everything you need. I’m in dire need of a cleanse to jump start my new lifestyle. I am dedicated to living a better, healthier, and more fulfilling life. First step sassy water and the next step will be little diet changes here and there. First thing that has to go is the elimination of all the white stuff (sugar, flour, and rice). I’ll make the water next week and I’ll document everything. If you need a little cleanse try this one it’s easy and you don’t have to only drink this. You can eat as well.



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