Sassy Water?

Yes you read the title right “Sassy Water.” Now I know you’re thinking to yourself “What the *bleep* is sassy water or how can water be sassy?” Well I’ll tell you Sassy Water is this cleanse that I am starting next week. If you have lemons, cucumbers, mint leaves and water you have everything you need. I’m in dire need of a cleanse to jump start my new lifestyle. I am dedicated to living a better, healthier, and more fulfilling life. First step sassy water and the next step will be little diet changes here and there. First thing that has to go is the elimination of all the white stuff (sugar, flour, and rice). I’ll make the water next week and I’ll document everything. If you need a little cleanse try this one it’s easy and you don’t have to only drink this. You can eat as well.


Book Fears.

I’m not sure where exactly to start with my book. I don’t know anything about anything. I feel like I used to in elementary school when my mom would buy me a new book to write in. I would just stare at the page wondering how I’m going to fill it. Now there’s Microsoft Word and the dreaded page and word count. How many pages am I writing? Who are these people? What is my target audience. My biggest fear is that I’ll spend all this time on a book and I’ll have no audience or worse one person will read it and hate it. I write because it makes me feel better but will someone else read it and love it or read it and hate it? People can be so mean especially when they don’t know you. Wish me luck anyway I’m starting my book and I was hoping for a word or two of encouragement.

Red Lipstick and New Projects.

This week has been about me getting my thoughts and plans together for what’s left of this year and next year. I’ve been checking Herbs and Oils World daily because their site has all kind of all natural DIY recipes. They have this recipe for making your own lipstick and I’ve decided to make a fire engine red lipstick for the holidays. Also on YouTube I suggest subscribing to Hey Fran Hey. She puts up tutorials on how to make different all natural products. I love her channel. Her most recent recent tutorial was on how to make your own lip scrub and lip balm. When I make my lipstick I’m making the lip balm as well. The process is very simple and easy. The video is here . I’m going to begin work on my first book soon. I’m not sure how to start but I’ll be sharing everything along the way. Also I’ll be trying to get a story out soon.

Keep checking on me.