Why is making a positive change so hard?

I know I’m not alone in this world when I say that I want to change my diet and workout more. This Fall I made a big change in September by chopping off all of my relaxed hair to begin my natural hair journey and while that was difficult, I am having a harder time other aspects of my life.  I really want to live a healthier life and I didn’t think it would be so hard to live better.


I bought a blender to start making Green Smoothies and I have not successfully made one that I like. I did my research and I didn’t jump into the healthy lifestyle but this morning when I woke up feeling like complete shit I knew it was time to change. I love cookies! I think that’s it, I’m not a fan of too much junk food but this week I have been overdoing it with the sweets. I also have not been drinking the proper amount of water and I’ve been neglecting my tea (I feel horrible about this because I love tea so much).


Today I realized that my health is more important than how good cookies are and how easy they are too attain. I cannot continue to be lazy with my health and I need to be more proactive with my changes. I downloaded an app that helps me to track my water intake. I have to drink 89 oz a day, also I’m going to actually follow the blogilates calendar I have and once I have my sneakers I will start running a couple days a week. I want to make a change instead of just frowning when my jeans are too tight or after I make a bad decision when my health is concerned.

This is a challenge to you all. Pay attention to amount of water you drink. Pay attention to what you eat. Pay attention to how you feel.


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