5 Quick Tips to help you lose weight!

When it comes to losing weight the %s vary from 50% exercise to 50% what you eat, I’ve also heard 80% what you eat and 20% exercise. Either way you have to eat well to achieve your weight goals. Here are 5 tips to help you.

1. Avoid the white stuff ! (White sugar, white flour, and white rice).  It is bleached and chemically altered. Do you really want that in your body?

2. Drink water!!!! Your water intake is so important. Humans are 70% water we need it. The less water you drink the more your body holds on to the water already in your body increasing your water weight and possibly making you look bloated. Also drinking a cup of water with fresh lemon juice in the morning helps to activate your liver which is responsible for the removal of toxins from your system.

3. Eat your fruits and vegetables. I know you may not want that broccoli but that broccoli contains a nice amount of fiber to keep you regular. Also fruits and veggies contain vitamins and nutrients that we all need.

4. Avoid energy bars. Too much sugar and not enough of what you need.

5. Avoid power drinks. Too much sugar and too many calories. Drink water and if you want flavor with your water add fresh fruit to it.


Why is making a positive change so hard?

I know I’m not alone in this world when I say that I want to change my diet and workout more. This Fall I made a big change in September by chopping off all of my relaxed hair to begin my natural hair journey and while that was difficult, I am having a harder time other aspects of my life.  I really want to live a healthier life and I didn’t think it would be so hard to live better.


I bought a blender to start making Green Smoothies and I have not successfully made one that I like. I did my research and I didn’t jump into the healthy lifestyle but this morning when I woke up feeling like complete shit I knew it was time to change. I love cookies! I think that’s it, I’m not a fan of too much junk food but this week I have been overdoing it with the sweets. I also have not been drinking the proper amount of water and I’ve been neglecting my tea (I feel horrible about this because I love tea so much).


Today I realized that my health is more important than how good cookies are and how easy they are too attain. I cannot continue to be lazy with my health and I need to be more proactive with my changes. I downloaded an app that helps me to track my water intake. I have to drink 89 oz a day, also I’m going to actually follow the blogilates calendar I have and once I have my sneakers I will start running a couple days a week. I want to make a change instead of just frowning when my jeans are too tight or after I make a bad decision when my health is concerned.

This is a challenge to you all. Pay attention to amount of water you drink. Pay attention to what you eat. Pay attention to how you feel.

Short Story Update!

To all that enjoy my stories. I know there’s so many of you don’t like or comment all at once. I do ask that you comment below one thing you like about my stories or other posts and one thing you do not like. I want to become a better writer/blogger and I need you all.

Marley and Asher (cont.)

If you’ve looked at my short stories page then you know I have a couple stories on there that aren’t finished. I’m working on Marley and Asher. I didn’t like this one at first but I stuck with it. It’s not finished but please comment below… I want to know that you think.

Why am I so sad? It’s like the tears have their own agenda. They know what I can’t tell myself and they’re taking the pain I refuse to feel with them. I can’t stop these tears, whatever was holding them back is gone and now all there’s two streams running down my face and falling off my chin. These tears are determined to escape and I’m helpless to stop them. I can’t do anything but cry for these unknown causes or do I know what I’m crying for and I’m just too pained to acknowledge it. I’m hiding in the bathroom sitting on the toilet running water in the sink so that he doesn’t here the sobs I’m helpless to stop. I cry and sob and after a couple minutes they’ve calmed enough that I wipe my tears and return to my living room.

As soon as I get down the stairs and Asher sees me. My little almond shaped eyes have betrayed my activities as I meet his green eyed gaze. He stands to his full height of 6’ 3” to tower over my muscular 5’ 6” frame.

“What’s wrong?” He asks

“Nothing” I say. I try to move past him and reclaim my spot on the couch but he grabs me before I can sit.

“Marley, what’s wrong?” He asks again. I look into his eyes but I can’t answer him. How can I tell him what’s wrong when I, myself do not know?

“Nothing” I say again and lay my head on his shoulder. I shouldn’t have done that. As soon as my head comfortably rests against his shoulders my eyes flood, the streams start, and the tears falls. I can’t hold this in any longer I need to tell him. He would understand. I open my mouth to tell him but I can’t speak. Only sobs escape.

“Baby what’s wrong?” He asks turning around to face me and leaving me to lift my head before it fell into his lap. “Marley what’s wrong? You’re scaring me I’ve never seen you like this.”

I wonder if I told him would he still want to be with me would he still love me. I can’t look myself in the mirror right now. I shouldn’t be with anyone, I need to be alone.

“Asher, I don’t think I can do this anymore,” I finally say. I can’t look him the eye or I might change my mind. I can’t do this to him. I’m dirty now and it’s not fair of me to stay with him pretending to be the same girl I was two days ago.

“What do you mean?” He asks, his eyes shining with tears of his own.

“I mean that we aren’t working out and I want you out of my house now.” I say with a little more confidence. I need him to leave and never come back. I’m not worthy.

“Marley you don’t mean that. We’re engaged. Our wedding is in three months and you want to end it just like that? Why?” He asks as his voice breaks and I almost break down and tell him the truth. I’m doing this for him. He’ll be glad when he meets someone else that’s not me.

“If you’re not out of here in the next 30 seconds, I’m calling the cops.” I say coldly and I  meet his eyes for just a moment, any longer and I would’ve lost my nerve. I get up and walk towards the door to open it for him. He follows me and walks out as soon as I have the door open wide enough. I close the door before he can turn around and change my mind. Asher is the love of my life but I’ve learned in the last couple days that love isn’t for me. I don’t deserve it.

I go back to the bathroom and start my third shower of the day. I know I’m clean but I can’t help but feel there’s a layer there that I can’t see but I can feel and it has to go. I scrub my skin raw and I finally get out and step into my pink robe and matching slippers. I check the bathroom window to make sure it’s locked. I go around the house checking my windows and doors. I go to the kitchen to check the windows and doors and I grab a knife to put under my pillow. I need Asher because he would never let anything happen to me until the one day something did.

I really don’t think I can sleep alone…