How do you start a great story with no motivation?

I have never been able to consistently write when I’m in a good mood. When I was in middle school I could write everyday because I was so “sad” and most of the things I wrote about then are so trivial now. I have at least six beginnings to stories but no middle and no end. I want to start working on a book or a collection of short stories. I can’t do that with no material but I can’t have new material with no motivation. I love when I finish stories but it is so freaking hard to get started. Sheesh! I’m always worried about it being so much like something else that I kill every idea I have before I even put pen to paper. I’ve come up with an idea for writers block. I’m pretty sure it’s not new and I’m not claiming rights.

1. If you have a writer friend get them involved, it’s much easier to go at this with a partner.

2. Start working on something, anything today.

3. Pick a day where you submit your work to each other and also you have to agree upon a minimum or maximum length.

4. Do this every week until you have your poem, story, or book.

If this helps let me know. I’ll be doing the same thing starting today. I have a writer friend named Katie and our reign of zero motivation has come to an end.



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