DIY your own All Natural Moisturizing Face/Body Scrub

Coconut Oil from Trader Joe’s

I like mine a little oily but coconut oil is solid below 76 degrees.

For the past couple of months I’ve been leaving the store bought cleansers alone and replacing them with cheaper things that can be found around the house. A lot of products on the market are full of chemicals and silicones, not good for the face or the body. Here’s a simple recipe for a good face scrub that I use, it can also be used on the body. It’s moisturizes and exfoliates and leaves skin with a nice glow. You will need only three things for this,

  1. Organic virgin coconut oil (Olive oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, or jojoba oil) I use coconut oil because it’s what I have and it has so many different healing properties that I love to use it on my skin but if you have a favorite oil then use that instead.
  2. Sugar, dark brown organic sugar is best but regular white table sugar works good as well.
  3. (Optional) A jar if you’re making more for the week.

I made enough for the week and I didn’t measure anything it depends on if you want more moisture (add more oil) or if you want a harder exfoliate (add more sugar), the third option is to make a balanced cleanser (equal parts sugar and oil).

The steps are just as simple as the ingredients. Mix 1+2 into 3 or your hand if you make yours daily. After the first time your use it I promise you’ll notice a difference in the appearance of your skin. Also, ladies coconut oil is excellent as a makeup remover, even mascara.


If your boyfriend loves Star Wars….

…. Surprise him with storm trooper nails.

In this video Darth Vader teaches us ladies how to transform our nails into troopers. Check it out.

How do you start a great story with no motivation?

I have never been able to consistently write when I’m in a good mood. When I was in middle school I could write everyday because I was so “sad” and most of the things I wrote about then are so trivial now. I have at least six beginnings to stories but no middle and no end. I want to start working on a book or a collection of short stories. I can’t do that with no material but I can’t have new material with no motivation. I love when I finish stories but it is so freaking hard to get started. Sheesh! I’m always worried about it being so much like something else that I kill every idea I have before I even put pen to paper. I’ve come up with an idea for writers block. I’m pretty sure it’s not new and I’m not claiming rights.

1. If you have a writer friend get them involved, it’s much easier to go at this with a partner.

2. Start working on something, anything today.

3. Pick a day where you submit your work to each other and also you have to agree upon a minimum or maximum length.

4. Do this every week until you have your poem, story, or book.

If this helps let me know. I’ll be doing the same thing starting today. I have a writer friend named Katie and our reign of zero motivation has come to an end.

My Hair Journey…The Video

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Image via CrunchBase

I have finally used my movie maker to make my first YouTube Video. I was so excited to do it because I tried to do one before and I failed by like they say “Try, try and try again.” Luckily I only got to the second “try” before I got what I was looking for.

Beginning of a journey

My first twist out as a natural

I cut most of my hair off on Saturday. I wasn’t planning on doing it, it just happened. The first two days I had my hair in twists because I was in shock. I had really cut off all my relaxed ends revealing my curls, yes curls all this time I though my hair was a different texture because the relaxer was weighing it down. Here is my transition from uncomfortable to happy with my decision. It hasn’t been a week yet but already I’m happy I did what I did and I’m happy. It’s my hair and I need it healthy.

ready to cry when I finished.

but I can still do the goddess twist 🙂

Pretty happy once it was all short after I cried lol

A couple days later

My first twist out as a natural

Halo twist vs Goddess twist

Click on the hairstyle of your choice. I can’t braid so I do the twists but they work for braiding as well. All three are great quick and easy protective styles. Try one or two and let me know how they work for you

Goddess twist tutorial 

Halo twist tutorial 

Halo Braid tutorial

So I BC’d

but I can still do the goddess twist :)

Today my scalp was itching so I decided to it was time to clarify and boy was I right in more ways then one. For the past week I’ve been debating whether my long term transition has come to an end and today it did. I chopped off all my relaxed ends. They had to go, time for me to get to know my natural hair and just my natural hair. I hope you guys enjoy the pics and comment what you think.

All that relaxed hair is in the trash where it belongs

ready to cry when I finished.

This is how much I cut off all around.

but I can still do the goddess twist 🙂

Hello world!

I recently moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress. My blog is about my life and the journey that I’m on right now. Currently I’m transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair and it’s been almost a year. When I first began this journey I was not going to do a big chop but as my natural hair gets longer it frustrates me more and more to try and do styles and blend the textures. So right now I’m thinking of doing my BC at the end of the year but as the days go on I keep eyeing my scissors with the intention of going after my relaxed ends.

Also I tend to write things unrelated to my life like stories and poems. I really want to share that as well. So subscribe and like. I’ll do my best to talk about everything.

My favorite protective style the halo twist.