Some effects of long term weave and relaxer use


Weaves and Relaxers

I’m wondering why black women spend so much $ on their hair, with weave and relaxers we spend so much time and effort not knowing the real damage. We relax our hair with breaks down the bonds in our hair to make it “behave” that itself is the reason a lot of us can’t retain length. So many women wear weave not just black women but these sew-ins are aiding in the destruction of your hair. You break down the bonds which leaves your hair more susceptible to damage and then you braid it tightly and leave it alone for a month without moisture and the proper care plus you’re not properly removing the weave and braids which leads to more damage. If you properly take care of your hair even relaxers aren’t as damaging but let’s not forget you’re risking scalp burn, split ends, and breakage just to make your hair “easier to deal with. Get to know your natural hair it’s not as rough as you think. Most black women don’t know their hair’s full potential because so much time and energy has gone into damaging and destroying. I’m going to dedicate a lot more of my posts educating black women on their hair potential with or without relaxers.