GotScholarship: $40K to Give Away Sweepstakes – Fastweb

GotScholarship: $40K to Give Away Sweepstakes – Fastweb


My Grammar Rant

I may not be the spelling bee champ or the an English professor but it seriously seems like it compared to a lot of people. There seems to be a lack of grammar skills among the youth and it’s getting out of hand. I need the teachers to sit down and explain to some of you that “You a” is not correct it should read “You’re* A.” The fact that a lot of you are parents and you don’t know that to and too aren’t interchangeable is atrocious. You can’t be on twitter calling someone all kinds of ugly but you don’t know basic grammar. Another thing that grinds my gears is that there are people older than I a that do not know how to properly use they’re, their, or there. It is the saddest thing in America we are failing our children by not educating them. A lot of them think school isn’t important and that internet celebrity will bring the success and for that I have to blame the Illuminati because it’s all a conspiracy.

Marley and Asher

This is something I started today. Unsure what I want to do with it but I like where it’s going.

Why am I so sad? It’s like the tears have their own agenda. They know what I can’t tell myself and they’re taking the pain I refuse to feel with them. I can’t stop these tears, whatever was holding them back is gone and now all there’s two streams running down my face and trickling off of my chin. These tears are determined to escape and I’m helpless to stop them. I can’t do anything but cry for these unknown causes or do I know what I’m crying for and I’m just too pained to acknowledge it. I’m hiding in the bathroom sitting on the toilet running water in the sink so that he doesn’t here the sobs I’m helpless to stop. I cry and sob and after a couple minutes they’ve calmed enough that I wipe my tears and return to my living room. As soon as I get down the stairs and Asher sees me. He knows. “What’s wrong?” He asks “Nothing” I say. I try to move past him and reclaim my spot on the couch but he grabs me before I can sit. “Marley, what’s wrong?” He asks again. I look into his eyes but I can’t answer him. How can I tell him what’s wrong when I, myself do not even know? “Nothing” I say again and lay my head on his shoulder. I shouldn’t have done that. As soon as my head comfortably rests against his shoulders my eyes flood, the streams start, and the trickling begins.


Yesterday 387 dropped and I had to give it a listen since I know 1/2 of the duo that put it together. Steven and Noel were college roommates this past school year. They are rising sophomores at Swarthmore College, which is a very small prestigious college 11 miles outside of Philadelphia. The acceptance rate for this school is 16.1% so these boys are definitely intelligent.

The music is really good especially since this is Steve’s first project. Noel on the other hand has done two other albums and is also a slam poet so he knows his way around a mic. It has a nice mellow feel to it. All the songs have to do with food which made me hungry so as I listened to this piece of work I had some Jerk chicken to keep me company (mmmmm). These two are definitely talented and have a lot of potential. I asked Steve “What was the inspiration for this work?”

Steve: “First our inspiration in making this project at first wasnt even to release it. Noel was my roommate and I came into the room with a verse to Otis and he really liked it then he wrote to it from there we just picked beats that we really liked and from there 387 and LeftOvers was born.”

I asked Steve about his rapping and his goals his response was:

“Uhmm I’ve been a rapper since about the start of high school but mostly to myself writing rhymes spitting them for fun nothing serious. But when I came to college I wanted to actually make something that people could listen to just to see what they thought but mostly to tell a story I believe needs to be told. So yeah thats mostly what we about we are minority males in college and we wanna do alot things with our lives but we also want to make an impact and right now music is considered a voice of a generation so we want to stand for those 90s kids who grow up watching Rugrats and enjoyed that era. Our goal is to be that voice and I think we can do alot the sky is the limit from here for us, from here though I am working developing beats so getting more involved in production because we really dont wanna rap on other people’s beats we want to be completely original so we are doing that and come the fall we will be back in the studio (located on our campus) recording our first EP its gonna be really cool we already got a interesting, chill, cool concept for it.”

Well I say take a listen and judge for yourself, two young men with a mind to take over. Give them a chance.

Download 387’s Debut mixtape LeftOvers here

Follow Steve on Twitter here

Iggy Azalea

Download her mixtape “Ignorant Art” here I don’t listen to Rap and Hip-Hop all the time but when I do I choose the oddest of choices. I started listening to Iggy Azalea a month of two ago. Well I started because I saw her on Hip Hop Point of View and I decided to cyber stalk her. Now Don’t look at me like I’m a crazy fan I just like to cyber stalk musicians before I listen to them I’m not sure why. I usually just look at their real name and their discography. I really like Iggy because she’s new and when you look at her you wouldn’t expect half the things that comes out of her mouth. She’s Australian but has strong southern influences in her music. I say give her a chance. She’s new and edgy and herself. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s a blonde bombshell with a video vixen body. I look forward to her debut album “The New Classic” I haven’t seen a release date for it yet. Also an EP “Glory” is set to be released soon.

How much is too much?

As a reformed shopaholic I indulge in internet browsing every now and then. I was just shoe shopping online..well not really shopping it was more like wishful thinking. The Lucky Brand Wedges are so cute but are they worth $100? I say yes and they are currently on my wish list, size 10 please. These Platform Pumps are cute but are they worth $500? It seems as though the more expensive something is the uglier it is. I would spend $100 on some cute wedges but $500 on some plain pumps is out of the question but that’s just me.