This is what your writing shouldn’t look like.

I wrote this in response to an article for an English class. It wasn’t suppose to be factual or anything so please don’t think my writing is like this all time. It was all fun.

Dear Philip, Your article What’s Wrong with College for Women is complete bullshit. It’s the worst piece of creative writing I have ever read. I know that I know that it says it’s an essay but it if my firm belief that, you lied. There were no facts to support your argument, your argument was weak itself and it was stupid to begin with. A woman’s role is not limited to caring for and making babies. I believe the reason you wrote this misinformed essay is because you feel threatened by smart women. A man is only as good as the woman behind him but women don’t need men behind them. A woman’s brain is more complex than a male’s which make them more intelligent by default. A woman’s chromosomes XX show that females and males are not equal. Males have the XY chromosomes which can’t fit as many genes as two Xs can. Woman are physically stronger than men that’s why the responsibility of bearing children solely on them. Men generally use more pain killers than women because their bodies aren’t equip to deal with pain naturally like a woman’s body is. Women are the majority in the world and in college. Women have careers, babies and marriage. Mr. Philip your essay which tried to convince women that college was of no use to them if they wanted to have babies and be married is just ridiculous, it’s like saying men can’t think for themselves. Your essay proves nothing but that you’re a close minded man scared that a woman could take and do your job better than you. I’m not saying that women are better but I do believe that if you go through the trouble of keeping a group of people down and still they rise. It shows that they shouldn’t be underestimated or kept in the house to entertain children. Mr. Philip would I be wrong to say that men are stupid and closed minded because of your essay? Is it wrong to assume that most men feel this way? Does my essay disprove yours with facts and statistics? I’ll say my information is just about as credible as yours.


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