Family are those people you don’t get to choose the people that you’re stuck with. Some of us are lucky enough to be born with great families but a majority of us are doomed to be born into dysfunctional families. I’m one of the cursed in this land, I have one of the most dysfunctional families that I know of. I’m lucky that I’m mentally sane after all these years of being subjected to this mental torture. I’m the oldest of three, my brother the middle child is the definition of a screw up and yet whenever something is done in the house that involves me and him the finger is usually pointed at me. I feel like the black sheep of the family and what I really want is to finally leave this house but being a full time student. It’s like the more I try to do with my life the more back lash I get from them. In what world must I give my family money just because I have a job. I can understand taking my younger sister to the store or something but giving my siblings money that sounds like an allowance something not in my job description because I’m “sister” not “parent”. I can talk about my family all day but I’ll just end it here.


First story published

This blog was suppose to be an assignment for my creative writing class. I used to write a lot. I’ve had numerous Journal, I would write stories, and songs. I tried poetry but I was too sappy for my own good. I’ve explained what I want to do all that’s left is to do it.

Short stories and possible book

Now that my creative writing class is over I have all these ideas. I don’t want to stop writing again because I might not ever pick it up again. I have so many ideas that I want to actually put down on paper and share. Some won’t be shared but a lot will. I’ll release short stories on here and anyone that reads it just leave feedback. I’ll also keep up with the blog posts.


The term “Cowashing” refers to using conditioner instead of shampoo to wash one’s hair. Lots of shampoos contain harmful sulfataes to that rob hair of essential oils and sometimes we take too much from our hair not knowing and we don’t put it back. Cowashing is a good way to clean your scalp of product build up while moisturizing as well. I cowash every 2-3 days and can go weeks without shampooing. This month I learned you should wash once a week with a sulfate free shampoo and once a month with a clarfying shampoo. The difference is the sulfate free shampoo will clean your hair and scalp and free it from dirt and oil build up but a clarifying shampoo cleans your scalp from product build up which can be the cause of why your regular hair regimen stops working as effectively.

How much is too much?

We live in a world where people share their lives wit everyone on the internet. There’s Facebook, Twitter and blogging. It’s ok to update the people you know on your life but how much is too much? There are women who are sucking penises in profile pictures, little girls sucking penis on camera in the daylight. When I was 12 I still thought you couldn’t have sex without developing wrong. The world today is really something else but how much is too much? These kids know nothing. They’re clones of each other and it’s sad. As much as the internet makes the world smaller.

Hair Journey

Sometime in the year of 2011 I started to really pay attention to my hair. I noticed it grew rather fast but it stayed the same length. I started to wash it once a week and condition to see if that changed anything. I noticed that a difference in the moisture level of my hair but I still had a lot of breakage and split ends. During the duration of the year I did some research into how to take care of my hair. During the summer I neglected what I was learning for beauty and glamour and my hair got damaged from all the heat and all the weave. In the past two years I’ve only had two relaxers and after last summer I decided that relaxers aren’t for me. I’ve been transitioning to natural since last summer and I’m going to my hair to waist length. I started monitoring my length in October after I tried to change my hair color and failed miserably because my hair is so dark. I started close to collar bone length and now I’m a little past my shoulders. This summer my goal is to have as close to boob length hair as possible. I take Hairfinity vitamins, I keep my body hydrated (water), and I protect my hair. I’ll keep you guys posted on my journey.