Death by nuggets

a short story I wrote.

“Hello 911, I have an emergency at the McDonald’s on 10th and market. They ran out of McNuggets.” The frantic woman yelled. “Ma’am that’s not an emergency, we can’t help you.” The operator hung up. Sarah was the woman’s name and she came into McDonald’s because they had the fifty piece nuggets for $5.00. She couldn’t resist the temptation of the chicken, golden goodness that was the all white meat nugget. She looked at her phone as the screen was going black since the call had ended. Her right foot was tapping; she only did this when she was nervous or angry. “Keyshia.” She read the young girl’s name tag out loud. The name tasted dirty in her mouth. The young girl rolled her eyes and popped her gum. She didn’t want to be there. It was a Saturday in June, she was 16 there were at least a 1000 better ways to spend her time. She looked at her computer screen just to confirm what she told the woman about the nuggets. They were all gone. “Ma’am I’m sorry but the nuggets are gone. You can try another location but this one is all out.” The teen said. “Are you sure about that? I didn’t see you talk to anyone or check the freezer. How do you know that you have no nuggets when you didn’t ask? Where’s the manager? I need to speak with someone that has at least completed puberty.” Sarah said. She didn’t come into McDonald’s to make a scene but how the hell did they run out of McNuggets. She looked up to see the manager walking towards her. He wasn’t anything special, typical manager. He had the 10 months pregnant stomach, with the thick mustache that covered his top lip. Typical. He probably had a wife that he met in high school and two kids a girl and a boy. “Ma’am what seems to be the problem?” Joe the manager at McDonald’s asked the lady while she bit her nails and looked through him with piercing dull brown eyes. Sarah exhaled, loudly and annoyed. “Sir your employee here is telling me that you don’t have McNuggets that’s impossible this is McDonald’s how the hell do you run out of nuggets?” “Ma’am with the promotion going on there was no way to know that the demand would be as high as it was. I am sorry for the inconvenience but you are welcome to try another location.” “I don’t want to try another location. Why must I have to go around searching for McNuggets. This is friggin’ McDonald’s you need to have them. The manager did not want to be there. His wife and two kids had just died in a car accident that he caused last week. The woman was just yapping on about chicken nuggets and he had nothing to live for. He reached behind him into his belt and pulled out the .22 caliber pistol. He aims and fires at the woman without even thinking. Her brain and blood spatters everywhere. He grabs a napkin wipes the blood from his face and leaves the counter. “Keyshia I’m leaving for the rest of the day. Call the cops and have this mess cleaned. Keyshia looks at her manager. She can’t believe what has happened. She swallowed her gum when she heard the bang. She hears the manager speaking, she can see his mouth moving but she is stuck. She cannot move.


Do…or Don’t ?

Is it really emasculating to a man if his wife chooses to keep her last name or get it hyphenated. I never thought it was a big deal to men one way or the other. They don’t really give up everything with marriage. When a woman marries she “must” legally change her name. Why?! When I was a kid I was all for it because I never really thought too much about it but now as I plan on getting married in the distant future it’s on my mind. I have the initials DDD and I have grown quite fond of it. 3 D’s in a row is pretty cool, well it is to me. Another thing when a woman gets married she’s kinda giving up some career goals because at some point the couple is gonna have the “Baby” talk and while having children is good for repopulating the Earth. What about the Lawyer who wants to make partner before 35? or the future Chemical Engineer who wants her PhD before 30? I just don’t think there’s anything wrong with the woman who gets married but wants to keep a big part of herself. Her last name. It means something to us, it’s ours. I would kind of feel like a sell out just leaving Davis behind like that when I started my new life. It feels like I’m leaving a part of myself behind why must I feel that way. What’s wrong with a hyphen anyway? I think of it as a compromise…just something that came up.