PennState loses Joe

Rest In Peace Joe. You will be missed.


Not ready yet

I made this blog when I was in high school and the posts that were here before I deleted them were tragic. They were sad and awful. Written by someone who needed a gun to be put out of her misery. I’m glad that person doesn’t exist anymore. She grew some balls and decided to brace the world instead of moping about all the boys that didn’t pay her any attention and all the things she wishes for but can’t ever get…..

I haven’t written anything since my freshman year of college and that was 2 and a half years ago. I decided to take a creative writing class this semester just because I missed writing and all the fun I thought I used to have. When I read my old stuff I just want to be better I want people to read what I write and laugh because it’s funny or cry because it’s sad not because it hurts their eyes to read my writing. I’m hoping through this class I learn that poetry is not the only form of writing and that most poetry is whining about things you can’t change.

This is post one and I hope to get a lot better at this. Writing is a passion that I have always wanted to explore but there was never an opportunity. When I started college in 2009 I had so many ideas about my life and more importantly my education. I wanted to minor in both french and spanish. I wanted to take Yoga and English classes all while staying on course to get a degree in Chemical Engineering.